Description of the job as an accountant

A job as an accountant involves working with individuals and business to ensure they keep proper records and pay taxes in a timely manner. The job description of some accountant positions may be straightforward, but other jobs require more detail on

The accountant provides a variety of services to business and accounting clients, including auditing, public, management, and government accounting. These four areas are the major ones in accounting. Each has a distinct job description.

1. Public Accountant

The most common job description for a public accountant is what most people think of as “typical” accounting work. It can involve performing a wide variety of accounting and tax functions for clients that may include corporations, governments or non-profits as well as individuals. Public accounting often has specialized areas. Public accountants can choose to specialize in tax matters. For example, they may advise businesses on the tax advantages and disadvantages associated with certain business decisions. Other public accountants could choose to specialize in certain areas, such as employee health and compensation. Or they may design data processing and accounting systems. Another option for public accountants is to become certified in auditing financial reports and reporting correct preparation and reporting to investors and authorities. Public accountants (CPAs) are typically certified public accountants. They either work for or own their own accounting firms.

2. Management Accountant

Management accountant is another possible job description for an accountant. Manager accountants, also called cost, managerial and corporate accountants, record and analyze financial data for companies. The job description of management accountants includes detailed descriptions of their responsibilities. These include budgeting, performance evaluations and cost management. Management accountants are often part of executive teams responsible for strategic planning or developing new products. Here they interpret and analyze financial information required by corporate executives to make sound business decision. They also prepare financial statements for other groups, such as stockholders and creditors, regulator agencies, tax authorities, or regulatory agencies. Management accountants work for large companies as part of the accounting department. Their areas of expertise include financial analysis and planning, budgeting and cost accounting.

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