Chaturbate Cam Model Nia Being Paid To Do It For Free

Why Is Chaturbate Cam Model Nia Being Paid To Get Paid To Do It For Free?

A simple look into the website of Chaturbate cam model Nia appears to show an ugly situation: females have been paid to get paid to do it for free, while males were not. In other words, they’re being taken advantage of.

Women who show up at a site 

Women who show up at a site 

Nia did her research and here’s what she found: women who show up at a site and don’t pay for the service can’t be listed on the main page. They have to wait on the sidebar. This isn’t right, and it’s unethical.

But what’s worse is that the men are finding out about it as well, from someone like Nia. The general public can learn about this problem, but only because a top online cam model has done her homework and worked hard to find out the facts.

It really would be nice if Chaturbate really was a site that promoted integrity and transparency. But if they can’t even tell the truth about what’s going on with the men who sign up, who can we believe?

Do you want to see Chaturbate cam model Nia be the one to bust this blatant lie? Otherwise, you can read Nia’s entire account of the events in this article.

Nia got a call from a girl named “Brandy” who claimed to be a female model and a “friend” of Nia’s. She said she had some very interesting things to say. Nia read the entire thing in one sitting.

“I am not a model with Chaturbate

girls on cam

No, I work on a different site,” said Brandy. “And I’m making a lot of money!”

When Nia asked her how much money Brandy claimed to make, Brandy said it was a lot. That she makes thousands of dollars per month.

It turns out that Brandy was taking money from this other site and not from Chaturbate. Nia started a thread on her own forum to find out what was going on. Here’s the thread where she talks about this:

If you log in to your account, you’ll see that you are actually only listed on the paid site. You can’t even view any of the videos listed on the free site, yet you’re receiving some seriously high paychecks. How did this happen?

It all goes back to why Chaturbate exists in the first place


Chaturbate advertises that it’s an all-in-one site, but that’s not the case. It’s an area for both male and female members to enjoy adult camming, but it’s not actually a site where you can sign up for free and meet up with lots of different members.

There are simply too many members trying to sell products and services to make any sense, and the number of people using the site is far too low to cover the cost of running the site.

It’s pretty obvious that they’re asking someone to pay for the privilege of making the site possible. I hope Nia’s story helps others to look at adult camming online from a different perspective.

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