Optimising the URL in your Articles for SEO

Like all the elements that influence SEO, the URL is also optimisable. With the following tricks in seo service London, you will not have problems to take advantage of the URL and position your website.

It is recommended by affordable seo service that the keyword of your article appears in the URL, since
it is with this that you will try to position your website.
The character limit for the URL is quite extensive, but it is convenient to be short for several reasons:
– It is easier to read and understand for the user
– The further to the right the word you are trying to position is, the lower its positioning capacity will
Eliminate everything that is not necessary, such as prepositions, articles, etc.
For example:
If the URL is & how to improve the URL of articles on my blog you should put &improve-URL-

Whenever you want to separate words from a URL, use hyphens (-). You can also use the low bar (_),
but this character is not as frequent.

Any letter or symbol that is not found in the English alphabet is not welcome in a URL. So it is
recommended that you avoid the ñ, the tildes and other superfluous punctuation.

With seo services london , you can easily make a space where you can put the URL in a more visual way. In
addition, there are plugins that give you indications for its perfect optimisation. They are all


What is Smart Content?

What is Smart Content?

Smart content or intelligent content is totally personalised content, taking into account the needs
and interests of users. This content is also known as dynamic content, since it changes according to
the interests of the users.
Imagine that, as a strategy to increase your database, you offer through your website a free eBook in
exchange for the user leaving their data. Here you already have valuable information, through the
theme of the eBook and the specific interests of the user. So, why not customise the content that
you will show the next time you visit your website?

The user doesn’t always need to leave you their preferences or needs clearly. You can offer them
personalised content based on many aspects (depending on the search terms they enter on your
website, your location, etc.).
Customising the content allows us, therefore, to offer users the most appropriate content depending
on the time they are in the purchase cycle.
Still, many marketing specialists have difficulty in getting their content consumed by their target
This problem not only causes great frustration in the brands, but also demands a great amount of
work hours that seem wasted and, besides, suppose a great expense. It's time for marketers to take
a smarter approach to content marketing.

The content must be:

 Detectable: easy to find
 Optimised: from the first moment, when you start to create
 Profitable: and therefore measurable

What is SEO and why do we need it?

When you are looking for information about a product or a service, where are you looking? In a
search engine, right? And why do you usually choose the first results that this search engine has
given you? This is because you know that in the first positions, you will find the most relevant
information, the one you need. It is here, where greater importance and strength charges the
strength of SEO.

For a website, search engine positioning is vital. And it is the SEO services UK that helps to improve
the visibility of a website in search engine results. It focuses on organic search results, that is, those
that appear without having to pay the search engine to show it.

SEO has been undergoing changes over time. The amount of updates undertaken by the search
engines and browsers is always increasing. These updates seek the best experience for the user, to
cover their needs. And for this reason, SEO Service London is changing and will change as users
demand it.

There are many factors on which a search engine is based to position one page or another. But these
two factors are the main ones:

This is basically the popularity of a website. The more popular the site is, the more valuable the
information inside it is. This factor is the one that search engines take more into account, since it is
based on the user's own experience. The more it likes the content of a website, the more authority it
will have. Now that you know what SEO in London is, do you dare to find out the authority of your

This is the relationship between a search and the information that your website offers regarding
what you are looking for. This does not mean that your page is better because it contains the search
term more times. A search engine is based on many factors such as SEO onpage, to determine if your
website deserves the top positions of the search engine.

Understanding Titles H1, H2, H3, H4 IN Search engine Optimisation

These titles are fairly well known already, and are the ones we use in pieces of text to give a
structure. And of course to position your text, you must take them into account.
These labels have a hierarchy order by which they must be placed. For example, if we put an H3 tag
without an H2, we are making an error. To make it clearer, we see the different labels that we can

The H1 tag is the title of the article, with the name that will appear inside your blog. In the upper
part of the editor, you will find a space to enter it. You will not have to select the H1 tag, since when
you enter it in the indicated place, you are given that category.

Since labels must have a hierarchy we must be careful in the order that we put them.
The label H2 is the next title that you will find already within the text. It is recommended that it
contains the keyword, as this title is used to state in a more specific way the topic you are talking

These are titles that are used to specify parts that include the title H2. For example, if the title H2 is
"Ways to decorate the parts of my house", the title H3 could be "kitchen decoration". You can put as
many H3 as necessary, such as "Room decoration", "Bathroom décor ideas" etc.
The H4, will include parts within the H3 or less important parts of the text. For example, the title H3
"decoration of rooms", could become "double room", "child's room" etc. for the title H4.
This can go on as the text requires. You may need to specify an H5 within an H4. For example, label
H4 ;Children's room;, whereby the H5 could be ;room decoration for girls